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Hilary Duff kissed her son on the lips and people are mad

Hilary Duff loves her kid. So much so, that she planted a kiss on his lips during a trip to Disneyland and captured the moment in a picture she shared on Instagram Monday.

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Many people will smile when they see the photo. Why wouldn’t they? It shows a loving mom enjoying a happy time with her child. But far too many people have taken offense to the picture, claiming that it’s “inappropriate” and “uncalled for.” Some of the comments on Duff’s Instagram picture and the Daily Mail article reporting the trip go so far as to accuse her of child abuse. Yes — child abuse.

And here we go again. Didn’t we deal with this earlier this year when Victoria Beckham posted an Instagram picture of herself giving her daughter Harper a kiss on the lips on her 5th birthday? Just like Duff, Beckham was blasted for doing something that is perfectly normal. She showed her kid affection, end of story.

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The self-appointed kissing police need to give moms like Duff and Beckham more credit. If there were any way their kids were uncomfortable being kissed on the lips, would they do it? Not in a million years. Clearly, their children are affectionate and don’t care whether a kiss is planted on the cheek, on the forehead or on the lips.

We all express our love for our children in different ways. When so many kids across the world are neglected and deprived of any form of affection, surely a kiss on the lips should be celebrated, not shamed.

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