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Pink gives mommy-shamers exactly what they deserve

Internet trolls, you’ve shamed the wrong mommy.

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Singer Pink, who is mom to 5-year-old daughter Willow Sage and expecting her second child with husband Carey Hart, revealed just how little she gives a damn about ridiculous comments on her social media pages.

It started when Pink posted a photo of herself sitting on the floor of her kitchen on Instagram. Any heavily pregnant woman will relate to the need to take advantage of all resting opportunities, right?

However, the comment section on the picture was quickly filled with advice from those who clearly think they are parenting experts.

“Don’t use microwaves!” barked one, and many others criticized the singer for sitting in front of the microwave while pregnant.

Other commenters slammed Pink for drinking coffee during pregnancy — and the fact that it was decaf made no difference. “Three doctors told me coffee is coffee, decaf or not…” wrote one. “Feeding addictive stimulants to an unborn baby. Well, that’s your choice… I just stayed away from anything that may disturb my baby’s growth.”

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Rather than rise to the criticism, Pink found the whole fuss amusing. She tweeted an article about the shaming on Wednesday and poked fun at the shamers herself by writing, “Enjoy over a cup of coffee.”

She followed this up with another tweet, calling herself a “mommy shamer shamer.”

Hey, if anyone does deserve to be shamed, it’s a shamer.

Thankfully, not all internet users are so sanctimonious. Several people defended Pink, with one of her supporters summing the situation up perfectly: “Mom shamers are a whole other breed of assholes.”

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For the record, nothing Pink was doing in her Instagram picture is harming her unborn child. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, moderate caffeine consumption (less than 200 milligrams per day) does not appear to be a major contributing factor in miscarriage or preterm birth. Pink would have to drink 100 cups of decaf coffee per day before she reached this recommended safe limit. And unless she spends long periods with her baby bump pressed up against the microwave, it’s highly unlikely that her baby will suffer from exposure to radiation.

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