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Carlos and Alexa PenaVega are now parents

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega welcomed their first child, a baby boy, on Wednesday.

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Mom Alexa posted a black-and-white picture of herself with her newborn son, Ocean King PenaVega, on Instagram.

The Spy Kids actress, 28, and former Big Time Rush member, 27, married in January 2014 and announced on social media that they were expecting their first child this past June. They also revealed that pregnancy didn’t happen as quickly as they’d expected.

“I thought for sure it’d be like, ‘One, two, three, wham, bam, we’re pregnant,'” Carlos said in a YouTube video. “But no, that’s not the case. You gotta keep trying, trying, trying… and try some more. Which is not a bad thing.”

“When it doesn’t happen, you think, ‘Is something wrong with me?’ or ‘What am I not doing right?’ when really it’s just your body adjusting,” added Alexa.

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Neither the sex nor the name of the baby will come as a surprise to fans, as the couple announced both back in August.

Ocean is one of the most popular nature names favored by modern parents, but for Carlos and Alexa, it has a deeper meaning. “God called the dry ground ‘land’ and the water the ‘seas,'” Alexa wrote on Instagram alongside a sonograph picture. “And God saw that it was good.”

“He is a son of the one true ‘King’,” she continued. “For us it has a beautiful biblical meaning.”

Another celebrity parent who chose the name is actor Forest Whitaker, who named his son Ocean Alexander in 1990.

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