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Kristin Cavallari claps back at mommy-shamers

Tempted to criticize Kristin Cavallari’s parenting decisions? Don’t bother — this mom won’t change for anyone.

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The former reality TV star, who is mom to sons Camden Jack, 4 and Jaxon Wyatt, 2, and daughter Saylor James, 1, is certainly no stranger to a healthy dose of mommy-shaming. Cavallari has had to defend everything from her son’s weight to her choice of baby formula since she first became a mom.

But while the Laguna Beach alum might get defensive when faced with critics who don’t hold back, it won’t make any difference in how she brings up her kids. “I’ve been dealing with criticism since I was 17,” she said at a Young Living essential oils pop-up. “When it’s me, I can handle it, I can take it. I have thick skin. When it’s about my kids or my husband, I get really defensive. And then I become a little fighter, and I’ve been known to get a little trigger-happy sometimes.”

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Thick skin aside, how does Cavallari deal with the onslaught of criticism from social media users? “It’s hard,” she admitted. “At the end of the day, I have to remind myself, especially when it comes to my kids, I’m so confident in what I’m doing as a parent, what Jay and I are doing, and my kids are happy and healthy, and that’s ultimately what matters.”

And her final words on the subject are ones all parents should remind themselves of whenever they’re doubting themselves: “So someone’s going to judge me who doesn’t know me? It is what it is. I can’t get hung up on that. I know what I’m doing is OK. It’s working for us, and that’s all that matters.”

Cavallari is absolutely right. All we can do as parents is our best (and acknowledge that sometimes that simply won’t be good enough). Any time people spend judging other parents is time better spent focusing on their own children.

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