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Keira Knightley’s daughter had the best reaction to Donald Trump’s win

Many of us had pretty extreme reactions when it was announced that Donald Trump has won the U.S. presidential election — including Keira Knightley’s young daughter.

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Knightley revealed that on this particular occasion, she was more than happy to hear a swear word come out of 19-month-old Edie’s mouth.

Appearing on the Christmas special episode of U.K. chat show The Jonathan Ross Show, the actress said she and her husband James Righton were lying in bed with their daughter the morning after Trump’s shocking win watching the televised victory speech from the new president-elect.

“She’s like this watching the television, completely silently and totally still for about four minutes and she rolls over onto her back and she closes her eyes and she goes, ‘Fuck!'” she said.

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“I’m very proud,” Knightley said.

Edie’s definitely at an age where kids copy their parents all the time — what they do and what they say. “She’s literally repeating everything we say, so we’re having to be really careful,” Knightley admitted.

Can we assume, then, that the Atonement star and her musician husband had a few choice words to say when Trump won his bid for presidency? They certainly wouldn’t be the only ones.

Edie was born in May 2015, two years after her parents wed in a low-key ceremony in the South of France.

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