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Dad texts daughter reasons he loves her mom, we all swoon

If you’re in need of a sweet story — if, say, you’re one of those people whose partners express love with a hearty “You’re good too!” — then this story of a 27-year marriage is for you.

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A Twitter user named Sydney (@sydnyy_) posted a tweet sharing some text messages she received from her dad. She was writing an essay about her parents for school and had asked her dad for information about his and her mother’s marriage. What he shared with her will make even the most hardened of you squeal, even if it’s the kind of small, high squeal that only dogs can hear.

Here’s a sampling of what he wrote:

“So your mom basically asked me to marry her. We both thought it would be funny to tell our friends since no one would believe it. So at first our engagement was a joke.

Two weeks later I was absolutely madly in love with your mom. She was more than a dream come true for me. You guys only see her as R2D2. I get to see her as my best friend, my hilarious wife, and my beautiful queen…

[After two kids] your mom wanted another and I didn’t at first. I’ll admit at the time I was working days and going to school at night and weekends. Mommy was working nights so we were sort of having a rough time. Not seeing enough of each other. So you were the way to bring us back together. Didn’t know it at the time but you changed our lives.

Bottom line we fell into each other’s laps under odd circumstances but it resulted in the coolest family ever. You three kids are our personalities all wrapped up. Our heart, soul, humor, kindness, respect, integrity and a million other neat stuff about us. We would not be the same without everyone we have.

…I’ve had the perfect life because of your mom. A perfect life. Give me a billion dollars. Make [me] the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback. Make me president. None of those would be worth it without her. She doesn’t just ‘complete me,’ she came into my life when I was young and immature, completed me and then made me so much better of a person. I dated and married an angel.”

Could you just? Because I can’t.

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Sydney’s post is apparently exactly what the internet needed right now. It’s been liked 17,000 times and retweeted 8,700 times. It’s the perfect time of year for a story about family, getting through hard times and showing gratitude for those we share our lives with.

Thanks for sharing, Sydney. And Sydney’s dad.

(H/T Mashable)

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