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Lukas Forchhammer gave his baby an old-school Shakespearean name

Lukas Graham frontman Lukas Forchhammer became a dad back in September, but we’ve only just found out the name of his baby girl.

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It wasn’t an intentional secret, however: “It just hasn’t come up,” he said at the 102.7 KIIS FM Jingle Ball in Los Angeles. “Her name is Viola.”

Viola is the first child for Forchhammer and his longtime girlfriend, Marie-Louise “Rillo” Schwartz. Since giving birth, the mom has shared some cute pics of the new arrival on her Instagram.

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Forchhammer offered up various meanings of the name Viola: “It’s a chubby violin, but it’s also a flower and a color,” he said, but also revealed the couple “just liked the name.” Plenty of Italian parents do too. It’s currently the 15th most popular baby girl name in Italy. It’s less popular in the U.S., dropping out of the top 1,000 chart in 1972 (although it was a top 50 name from 1899 to 1911).

The most famous bearer of the name is probably Oscar-nominated actress Viola Davis, and it was also the passionate heroine in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, played by both Gwyneth Paltrow and Amanda Bynes in film adaptations of the play.

The realities of juggling a music career and parenthood were never clearer to Forchhammer than when he found out Lukas Graham is up for three Grammy awards (Song of the Year and Record of the Year for their massive hit “7 Years,” plus Best Group Performance) while he was changing 10-week-old Viola’s diaper. “I came back in from a truck stop and I was changing a diaper while I was being nominated for a Grammy,” he revealed. “So that was a little bit of a strange victory situation right there.”

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Fatherhood is a theme that runs throughout Forchhammer’s music as well as his life. “7 Years” was written in honor of his late father Eugene, who died in 2012. “It’s just amazing that I wrote a song about becoming a father and now we’re nominated for three Grammys for that song and [Viola’s] with me on tour and everything,” he said. “My life is slowly but surely coming together, just like I was dreaming it would.”

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