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Kelsey Nixon is a mom again, and her baby’s name has a very personal meaning

Cooking show host Kelsey Nixon and husband Robby Egan are parents again.

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The host of Kelsey’s Essentials and Kelsey’s Homemade shared several photos of the new arrival, a baby girl called Nora Elizabeth, on her Instagram account.

“We made it. Our Nora Elizabeth is everything we dreamed of and more,” wrote Nixon. “This day couldn’t have been more special.”

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Nora is a Greek name meaning “the light” and is also the Irish diminutive of Honora, which means “woman of honor.” This baby girl name has been in the U.S. top 100 for the past 15 years, reaching No. 41 in 2015 — its highest ever recorded position.

It’s a name that features again and again in popular culture, on TV shows including Brothers and Sisters, True Blood, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, Revolution, Being Human, The Vampire Diaries, The Thundermans and American Horror Story. Nora is also the protagonist in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and the mother of The Flash in DC Comics.

However, the inspiration for Nixon and Egan’s name choice for their daughter was a lot closer to their hearts.

“Nora means honor and light,” Nixon wrote on Instagram. “We picked this beautiful name for her to honor her big brother Leo [the couple’s son, who died following complications a month after his birth in 2015] and to acknowledge the light that she’s brought into our lives after so much darkness.”

“It was a last minute name switch, but we think it’s fitting for our special girl,” the mom added. “What a gift she is!”

Nora was born via gestational surrogate and is little sister to Oliver, 4.

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