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Don’t expect Coco Rocha to have a second baby any time soon

Coco Rocha clearly dotes on her 19-month-old daughter Ioni James Conran, but she’s not so sure she’ll ever have another child, and her reason is one many mothers will relate to.

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The model revealed in a recent interview that she’s worried she won’t be able to love another child as much as she loves Ioni.

“It’s so much fun being with her and learning what life is with one at the time,” she said. “I couldn’t even think of an extra, I don’t know how to even love something else right now because I love her so much.”

Ioni regularly features in her mom’s Instagram posts, and even has her own account with over 52,000 followers (monitored by Rocha and her husband James Conran).

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If you feel so much love for your child that you’re concerned you’d never be able to love another one, that could actually be a good thing. It shows what a loving mother you are, right? Having your first child is a completely new experience and it can be so overwhelming that the thought of going through it again seems impossible. Not only in terms of having enough love to go around, but in terms of the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy and childbirth and the significant adjustments you’re required to make to your life when the baby arrives.

Setting aside the practical and financial considerations of having a second child, which most parents — although probably not Rocha — have to figure out, not having any love to spare is a legitimate worry. But it’s one that most moms find disappears as soon as the new baby is in their arms, and there’s a lovely added bonus to baby No. 2 — a little brother or sister for your first child.

However you feel about having a second baby, don’t beat yourself up about it. Being a mom can be a tough ride — however many kids you have — and your feelings are legitimate. If you find yourself getting anxious, speak to a mental health professional.

As for Rocha, it seems she hasn’t completely ruled out a second child, but isn’t in any hurry to add to her family. “One day, maybe!” she said.

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