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Anna Kendrick’s reasons for not having kids are as good as any

Anyone who follows Anna Kendrick on Twitter — and that’s 5.85 million of us and counting — will know this woman is social media gold.

And now, she’s written an entire book.

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Scrappy Little Nobody is the 31-year-old actress’s collection of personal essays, and as expected, she doesn’t hold back about anything, from her body image and her career, to her sex life and her views on becoming a mother.

The book has received great feedback so far, and it appears Kendrick is most pleased with the response from her furry fans.

On the subject of parenthood, Kendrick writes, “I will always feel children aren’t for me.”

She’s hardly the first woman to decide kids won’t be part of her future, but for some folks, her fairly definitive stance is a huge deal, meaning she was pressed on the issue during a recent interview. Speaking to E! News, she had to go into a little more detail about why she didn’t see herself having kids.

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“You know, if I have kids, it’s just another kid that your kid is going to have to fight when the water wars come,” she said. However, further clarification was required. “The zombie apocalypse is coming, and with my genes I don’t think [my children] would really last,” she deadpanned. “I’m worried about upper-body strength, coordination. These are not things that I would pass on. So, you know. [My kids] are just going to be food.”

Well said, Kendrick. Not that you had to explain why you might not ever have a baby.

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