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Little People, Big World‘s Zach and Tori Roloff are going to be parents

Zach and Tori Roloff are expecting their first child together.

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The couple shared the news in a TLC video, and Tori later posted a photo of herself and her husband on Instagram in which they are looking into each other’s eyes and holding up a sonogram picture.

The popular Little People, Big World couple, who married in July 2015, will welcome their baby in May, but they don’t plan to wait as long as that to find out the sex — meaning another public announcement could be made after the holidays. “We are waiting until after Christmas to know the gender to go crazy buying things,” said Tori. “We are just enjoying the moment right now.”

Zach gave an insight into how the couple’s parenting roles will differ. “I’ll be a fun, hands on dad, but also the disciplinarian,” he said, adding that “Tori will be a loving mother hen.”

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The baby will be the first grandchild for Zach’s parents Matt and Amy Roloff, who also star on the reality show and run Roloff Farm in Oregon with their four children. Matt, Amy and Zach are dwarves, while Zach’s siblings are all average height. “I’m super-curious to know if it’s going to be a dwarf baby or not,” said Zach.

He also revealed that he almost missed Tori’s pregnancy announcement. “I walked into the house and she had written it on a notepad that she was practicing her calligraphy, so I was reading through this,” he said. “On the last page, she wrote, ‘You’re going to be a dad!’ and I skipped right over it. Then she said, ‘Wait, hey, you missed it!’ Then she pulled it back and I read it.”

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