The first Sister Wives grandbaby is on the way

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown is pregnant.

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Brown and her husband Caleb Brush announced that their first child together is due in May and confirmed the news with an Instagram snap of Brush kissing the growing baby bump.

Brown admitted that their excitement comes with a certain amount of anxiety. “I think every soon-to-be parent is anxious, but we have so much support from both sides of our family,” she said.

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And what a family that is. Brown is one of Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown’s 18 children. Brown’s mother Janelle is one of Kody’s four wives (along with Meri, Christine and Robyn). Yes, that’s a hell of a lot of grandparents, aunts and uncles for the new arrival, who will be the very first Sister Wives grandbaby.

But this is the life Brown is used to, and she’s already thought about what to call the four grandmas. “We think it would be super-cute to have different names for all the grandmas, like Oma, Grams or Babicka,” she said. “Grandma said differently or in different languages. Ultimately they get to choose what they are called but my dad will probably be Grandpa.”

The parents-to-be, who married in June 2016, have also already determined what their roles as Mom and Dad will be. “I think I’ll be the disciplinarian parent just because Caleb already has such a soft spot for the baby,” said Brown. “He already has so much love for the baby.”

Her husband agrees: “I’m going to be the pushover,” he admitted. “Our child is going to have me wrapped around its finger.”

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