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Actress Ellie Kemper finally clears up her baby name ‘misunderstanding’

Sometimes, celebrity parents like to keep us in the dark about their little bundles of joy — yes, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, we’re looking at you — but sometimes they just forget that they haven’t actually officially introduced their child to the world. Like Ellie Kemper, who gave birth to her first child in August, but never announced the name.

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Kemper was surprised that her son’s name wasn’t common knowledge — and for the record, he’s called James Miller Koman.

“Oh no, he has a name! That’s so funny, it’s James!” she said at the American Museum of Natural History’s 2016 Museum Gala Thursday night. She appeared to find the misunderstanding genuinely hilarious, joking, “What if we were so mortified by his name we were like, ‘Don’t tell anyone!’?”

James, a Shakespearean baby boy name meaning “supplanter,” is one of those baby boy names that never seems to fall out of favor. It recently came in No. 1 in a poll of America’s all-time favorite boy names, and was No. 7 in the U.S. chart in 2015. Whether you’re looking for a name that’s biblical, royal or fitting for a world leader (more U.S. chief executives have been named James than any other name), James ticks all the boxes. It’s also the name of dozens of creative greats, from musician James Brown to puppeteer James “Jim” Henson.

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Other celebrity parents who’ve chosen James for their sons include Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Colin Farrell and Liz Phair. And Brendan Fehr and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tore up the rule book and gave it to their daughters.

Kemper was also happy to talk about how much she’s loving being a mom and how much it has changed her life for the better. “Things take on different significance, in a good way,” she said. “I think you’re forced to not think about yourself, which is great for me because I don’t like to think about myself. And now everything is put into perspective, which is healthy.”

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