Taboo reveals his ‘miracle baby’ was conceived after testicular cancer

The Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo has spoken for the first time about the “miracle baby” he and his wife had after he battled testicular cancer.

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The rapper, who was born Jaime Luis Gomez, has been cancer-free for over two years and has teamed up with the American Cancer Society for a new campaign called The Fight, which aims to support those living with cancer to help them keep a positive outlook as well as encourage all others to be aware of early warning signs and get tested if they have any concerns.

After getting the all-clear from doctors, Taboo was warned that another child might be out of the question. “My wife and I decided to try and have another child and went to a fertility doctor, who said that it might be impossible,” said the artist.

However, instead of turning to fertility treatments, Taboo and his wife Jaymie simply started trying to conceive on their own — and within a month, they discovered they were successful. Daughter Jett was born in February, little sister to brothers Journey, 5, Jimmy, 7, and Josh, 23.

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Taboo describes his youngest as “a miracle baby” and his children as the reason he keeps fighting against cancer. As part of the new campaign, he released a new song “The Fight” Wednesday.

According to the American Cancer Society, testicular cancer can affect a man’s ability to father children, but it’s not impossible. Infertility may be caused by the cancer itself or its treatment. Before starting treatment, men who might want to father children should consider storing sperm in a sperm bank to be used at a later date. Cancer can also cause low sperm counts, which can make it difficult to obtain a good sample. If a man’s sperm count is very low, there are still several options for fathering children, including IVF, when an egg cell taken from a female partner is fertilized with the man’s sperm in a lab and then inserted back into her uterus.

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