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Hilaria Baldwin writes post-election letter to her 3-year-old daughter

Alec Baldwin made his views on Donald Trump’s election victory very clear on Twitter this week, and his wife Hilaria also turned to social media to respond to the result — by way of an open letter to her 3-year-old daughter Carmen Gabriela.

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Alongside an Instagram picture of Carmen wearing a Rapunzel crown and holding a Disney princess bag, Baldwin posted a lengthy caption, which begins, “My little woman, my little lady… my princess, my smart, brilliant, bright future.” She goes on to warn her young daughter about falling for “misogynistic thoughts and statements” which seem to be “flying around these days — in such high places of power.”

“You are too good for this,” Baldwin continues. “We all are. Every woman is. Feeling sexy, attractive, special, and wanted is only meaningful if it comes from the right person. You don’t need that attention from anyone who doesn’t respect you wholeheartedly.”

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Baldwin, who is also mom to sons Leonardo Angel Charles, 8 weeks, and Rafael Thomas, 16 months, revealed her fears on Instagram the evening before the election results. “I find tonight that I am nervous and praying for her future,” she wrote alongside photo of her sleeping daughter. “Vote tomorrow with your heart. No hate, no anger… don’t let anyone tell you how to feel or think. This is one powerful decision that is all yours.”

At a time when millions of parents are struggling to figure out how to explain the outcome of the election to their kids, Baldwin’s words might help point them in the right direction. Her message is twofold: Remain true to yourself and those who treat you with love and respect, and never let anyone put you down because of your gender.

“Anyone who doesn’t treat you with the utmost respect is not worth you time,” she finishes. “Always be kind, confident. Just nod and walk in the other direction — towards true power, happiness and grace. Waste no energy. Own your amazingness… stick together with those who see you and treat you brilliantly. So you can do the same for them #karma #love.”

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