The #MannequinChallenge: 7 examples of why it really does rock

Some of the best (OK, and worst) trends created among students are borne of intense creativity and, probably, boredom. And sometimes, they’re too awesome not to share. Take, for instance, the newest craze: the #mannequinchallenge. I just found out about it, and I’m obsessed.

Last week I saw this Flipagram on Twitter. It was labeled “The Real Royal Family #MannequinChallenge,” and being curious as to why a tweet had nearly 70,000 re-tweets and 93,000 likes, I had to click.

The concept of the #mannequinchallenge is self-explanatory: Groups of people freeze in position, often accompanied by music. It’s far more creative than planking and far less dangerous than the cinnamon challenge, playing Chubby Bunny, or car-surfing (good Lord, kids, get off the roofs of cars!). It doesn’t make teens argue with their parents about what the real Running Man dance is (and even that was way cooler than the boring Dab). The #mannequinchallenge also manages not to irritate parents and teachers as much as the bottle flipping mania.

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And, OK, maybe it’s not all that new. But it’s still a lot of fun. Every video I’ve been watching is wonderfully diverse with boys and girls of all races as well as some of the adults in their lives. And they’re mesmerizing to watch. The song you’ll likely hear in all of the videos is “Black Beatles” featuring Gucci Mane by Rae Sremmurd.

You can check out their live concert rendition of the challenge.

Here are some of my favorite #mannequinchallenges right now — I won’t give too many because you’ll want to peruse the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook yourself!

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