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Alanis Morissette endorses voting and breastfeeding in one Instagram pic

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to stop a mom from voting, as Alanis Morissette proves in her latest Instagram post.

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The Canadian singer — who became a United States citizen in 2005 — shared a photo of herself feeding her 4-month-old daughter Onyx Solace on Wednesday with an “I Voted” sticker attached to her breast.

The mom of two captioned the pic “#evenwhenyoucantleavethehouse,” indicating that she cast her vote for the next U.S. President by absentee ballot.

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Morissette and husband Mario “Souleye” Treadway, who married in 2010, welcomed baby Onyx in June, a little sister for big brother Ever, 5.

Morissette may not have revealed who she voted for, but our money is definitely on Hillary Clinton. She revealed in an article for Time earlier this year that she considered herself to be a feminist and is an outspoken advocate for female empowerment. “We need a revolution to the feminist revolution,” she wrote. “And it needs to be brought to the fore of our awareness in order to heal what ails our times on this planet.”

Morissette has also been vocal in her support of LGBT rights and gay marriage.

She also wrote a campaign song in 2014 for Marianne Williamson, an Independent who ran for Republican Henry Waxman’s seat in California’s 33rd district. There may even be a blood link between Morissette and Democratic presidential candidate Clinton. According to Christopher Child from the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the two women are distantly related.

In any case, the message is clear: Even breastfeeding moms who struggle to leave the sofa for days at a time can still cast their vote in the presidential election.

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