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Where does all that extra Halloween candy go?

If you’re like me, last night you sorted through your kids’ candy, saving some for yourself and some for your family, putting the rest in a GTFO pile. What, typically, do you do with that pile? Many of us passive-aggressively dump it out on the counter in the kitchen at work and let our colleagues deal with it. Others pick at it half-heartedly until Thanksgiving. But there are more productive ways of diminishing our candy stash.

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The New York Times has a story this morning about various candy give-back programs around the country, including support-the-troops organizations like Operation Gratitude and Soldiers’ Angels, candy buybacks, and dental offices that will trade toys for sweets.

Curious about my local options, I asked my town’s Facebook moms group what candy programs were near me and learned that a local elementary school, dentist’s office, YMCA and women’s club were all accepting offloaded candy — so if you have candy to spare and some time to do some investigating, there is very likely an organization or business near you that would appreciate your leftovers more than your over-sugared family or colleagues.

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