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There’s a new baby in the Bachelor Pad

Michael Stagliano is a daddy — a little earlier than he expected!

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The Bachelor Pad alum and his wife Emily welcomed son Bowen Michael Stagliano on Sunday, Oct. 9, four weeks before he was due and only 12 hours after the mom-to-be’s baby shower ended.

“Bowen had some exceptional timing as Emily’s LA baby shower ended about 12 hours before his arrival,” said the new parents. “This was definitely unexpected since Emily was only 36 weeks along, but we were ready for him — nursery and all.”

Stagliano hasn’t been able to stop sharing pictures of the new arrival on Instagram, giving fans plenty of glimpses of baby Bowen.

He also did a little new-dad boasting about his son’s talents, revealing that he “flipped over onto his back” at only 2 weeks old. “The USA Olympic Team Committee has been notified of his advance athleticism,” joked the reality TV star, who now works as a TV writer.

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The couple, who married in May 2014, also revealed that Bowen’s middle name is a tribute to both his father and Emily’s father, and his first name is one they have “always loved.”

A Celtic name with both Welsh and Irish roots, Bowen means “son of Owen.” It first appeared in the U.S. baby name chart in 2011, and last year hit the No. 516 spot.

Famous bearers of the name are American Olympic swimmer Bowen Stassforth and Australian-rules footballer Bowen Lockwood. Pop culture references include Dennis Quaid’s character in the 1996 film Dragonheart, character Bowen Marsh in the Game of Thrones series, Tommy Bowen in TV’s Haven, Carter Bowen in TV’s Arrow, and the birth name of the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Mystic Force. In 2010, football player Drew Brees named his son Bowen Christopher Brees.

Bowen also lends itself to several nicknames, including Bo, Bow and Bowie.

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