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Fears of Election Day violence result in Nov. 8 school closings

Election Day is not typically a school-closing holiday, but working parents in some cities may need to arrange for child care on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

According to USA Today, some schools that double as polling stations are opting to cancel classes on Election Day. While many school officials cited increased vehicular traffic around schools as a general safety concern, the threat of violence was also a factor. “Emotions are running high during this presidential election,” a school district spokeswoman in Lorain, Ohio, told USA Today, and those emotions “did inform the decision” to cancel classes on Election Day.

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In a USA Today/Suffolk poll of 1,000 likely voters, 51 percent expressed some concern about the possibility of violence on Election Day; 1 in 5 are “very concerned.”

It is a terrible shame that Americans should feel afraid on Election Day, but the bigger shame is that thanks to events like the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, when it comes to safety and schools, you can never be too careful.

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