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Moms who shame Chrissy Teigen are seriously missing the point

Chrissy Teigen may have made her Twitter account private, but she still has a hell of a lot of followers who have plenty to say about her parenting decisions.

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The mom of one was attacked by a follower for — wait for it — her baby-carrying technique. A recent picture of 30-year-old Teigen with 6-month-old baby daughter Luna in her arms and husband John Legend in NYC was attached to the tweet, which read, “This is not how a baby is held.”

“Really because that’s how I’m fucking holding her,” hit back Teigen.

It didn’t end there. The follower commented, “I don’t give a crap where that baby popped out from! Do not hold a baby like a handbag!”

And Teigen replied, “Well you hold your handbag like a fucking idiot then.”

The critic responded, “Nothing grinds my tits like a person holding a baby inappropriately! I almost grew up deformed coz I dislocated my arm for 2 days as a baby!”

But she was finally shut down by the Teigen, who shed some light on what life was like as a celebrity mom: “Let me know how you hold your baby when she’s about [to get] into a stroller and there are 20 camera flashes at night. Photos are literally split-second moments in time that evolve.”

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“I despise mommy shamers,” Teigen concluded. “I am a proud shamer of mommy shamers.”

Her final words on the subject? “Please, do shut up.”

We’re absolutely with Teigen on this one. Especially considering her attitude since she gave birth to Luna in April. She’s spoken openly about breastfeeding struggles. The pain of peeing after birth. Stretch marks and sleepless nights and the pressures new moms feel about absolutely every aspect of motherhood. Which includes figuring out how to do everything and making loads of mistakes along the way until things kind of fall into place.

Obviously there are “right” and “wrong” ways to hold babies. But it’s not our job to admonish moms for how they carry their kids. Little Luna wasn’t in any danger. Teigen has made so many mothers feel better about their parenting drama; can’t we do the same for her?

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