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DJ Khaled Snapchatted his kid’s birth, and mothers everywhere went ‘no’

Music producer DJ Khaled and his fiancée Nicole Tuck welcomed a baby boy Sunday morning, along with the thousands of people who followed the birth on Snapchat.

I can’t imagine giving birth to a person and having your partner not looking at you but his cellphone. Call me crazy, but if there is a time that you demand someone’s 100 percent full attention, it is while you are pushing a human out of your body.

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My husband served a role during the birth of both my children. The first was more administrative — I needed somebody to feed me ice chips and to press the painkiller button on my epidural exactly every eight minutes. The second time was more of a party, but he was there to talk to me. Personally, if he were to sacrifice any of that time to be like, “Hold on babe, I just gotta film this part for my fans,” I would… not have been pleased. I’m all for sharing the joy of a new baby — but after the baby has been born.

Some people really like living their lives online, and so be it. I’m glad that the baby was born healthy and that Khaled was able to spare the time and attention in order to share the birth with the world. Congratulations to DJ Khaled both on his new child and on being engaged to the most forgiving, laid-back, indulging woman in the world.

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