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3 ways all parents can identify with Blac Chyna’s children’s birthday drama

The internet is abuzz today with the breaking news that reality star Blac Chyna is angry about the copycat Ferrari-themed birthday party her part-time rapper ex Tyga and his reality star girlfriend/teenager Kylie Jenner threw for her son King Cairo.

Obviously, this is a scenario all parents can identify with. Here are the ways this scenario is as old as time:

1. Throwing your 4-year-old son a Ferrari-themed party

As we all know, children love luxury cars — for their craftsmanship, their speed and of course, their exclusivity. Children love luxury sports cars almost as much as they enjoy Wolf ovens, trips to the Canyon Ranch Spa and really stinky cheese. So we can all understand the inclination to surround your preschool-aged child with merchandise related to a product he cannot legally operate for at least 12 years.

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2. Having a producer who just can’t keep a secret

It’s so hard to find good help these days. From the nanny who texts at the playground to the cleaning lady who doesn’t do the baseboards to the producer of your reality show who doesn’t understand the sacredness of the secrecy behind the two-month-process of planning your 4-year-old’s Ferrari party, we all get let down by our friends and help.

3. Allowing your child’s birthday to be the centerpiece for a made-up reality star “controversy”

Look, we all want the best for our children, but life is full of difficult choices. Breast vs. formula? Attachment parenting vs. helicopter parenting? Letting your child grow up in private vs. forcing him into the spotlight and alerting the press in order to put your dysfunctional co-parenting on display rather than let a moment go by where your name is not in the news? We’ve all been there!

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