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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have taught Jack some important parenting lessons

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne might not be the first couple who spring to mind when you’re looking for parenting advice, but their son Jack thinks they’ve done a pretty good job in preparing him to be a father to his own children.

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Jack, who has two daughters with wife Lisa Stelly (Pearl Clementine, 4, and Andy Rose, 1) said he learned an important parenting tip from dad Ozzy.

“Conversations with [my dad] growing up never felt like a dad telling you [what to do],” he said. “It was always very relaxed. Which is, I think, crucial. There’s so much talk abut how to talk to kids — it’s like, well, just talk to them like they’re people. They just are. They’re just smaller and not quite as mature.”

Jack also revealed that he was taught to always be punctual by his dad, while mom Sharon was “always late.” At the same time, he joked that Ozzy taught him “by example” what not to do. Which is a valuable parenting lesson in itself, no?

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However, Jack has also decided on his own how to approach to his daughters’ love lives. It’ll be a while before they start dating, but he’s determined to take steps now to make sure they don’t end up with losers.

“I’ve spent a lot of nights just thinking about this, and my whole thing is if I’m a great dad — you know, if you believe in the kind of Freudian theory that you’re attracted to what your parents [are like] — so I figure if I’m not a total piece of shit, she probably won’t end up dating or marrying a total piece of shit,” he explained.

That sounds like a pretty good approach to us. If our kids grow up with decent, honest, kind role models, it makes sense that they’ll seek out a partner with similar attributes.

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