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Woman gives birth in Walmart checkout line like it’s NBD

Walmart can be good for picking up a few bargains, but one woman got more that she expected when she walked out of the store with a newborn baby.

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The unnamed shopper was waiting to pay for her items at register 11 in the Payson, Utah, store when she went into labor. According to the store manager, Dustin Haight, she “insisted on paying for her merchandise” before she had the baby.

Yes, that’s right. Despite being “in distress, on her knees holding her stomach,” the mom-to-be wanted to settle all monies owed before having the baby, right there in the Walmart checkout line.

Anyone who’s ever given birth will recognize this for what it is: amazing. Any woman who is able to do anything beyond curse and writhe around in agony when those labor pains hit deserves major respect. Can you imagine how efficient she is at home?

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Terry Reilly, assistant chief with Payson Fire Rescue, said it was the mother’s third child, “so she had experienced childbirth before.” Yes — but not in a Walmart checkout line.

It wasn’t only the mom who got an unexpected surprise in Walmart Sunday. Apparently, the staff has had a real morale boost following the birth, and are planning a ceremony for the new arrival — believed to be a boy — as part of a grand opening later this month. The company is also going to gift diapers, formula, clothes and a birthday cake to the family. Register 11 has now been dubbed “register baby” — good for pregnant women approaching their due date to know just in case they want to avoid it.

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