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Justin Timberlake, like most new dads, has no idea what he’s doing

It’s not like Justin Timberlake to divulge too much about his private life, but when it comes to his baby son Silas, he can’t help but gush. And smile. And gush. And smile.

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The dad of one was interviewed by the Today show and revealed just how much fatherhood has changed him. “You literally just wake up, look in the mirror and go… ‘I have no idea what I’m doing!'” he said.

Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel welcomed their son in April 2015, and it wasn’t long before baby Silas made his Instagram debut. Now 19 months old, he has only made a few appearances on his dad’s social media pages, but he’s always super-cute when he does.

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Timberlake also spoke about the influence Silas has had on his music, confessing that he “would never have written a song like Can’t Stop The Feeling” if it weren’t for his new role as a dad. “I don’t know that it was directly inspired to be something that my son could listen to of mine because there’s a lot of music he can’t listen to of mine. At least not yet!” he added.

Some of his praise was directed toward his “superhuman” wife Biel: “It’s crazy. I have this new appreciation for both of them,” he explained. “You know, her and him. It’s humiliating and it’s humbling at the same time.” 

Timberlake and Biel will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary next week — they married in an Italian ceremony in 2012.

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