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10 tweets that sum up how parents feel about the debate

The first question of the second presidential debate inquired about the low-brow nature of this presidential election and the potential impact on children. Honestly, this election cycle is like nothing we’ve seen before, and parents on Twitter are tweeting out their frustrations. Here are some thoughts that probably went through your head while you were watching the debate with your kid.

1. “I’m actually so sorry about this.”

Parenting while engaging in the political process this year might be hazardous for your kids and yourself.

2. “I hope they’re not actually listening.”

Parents are hoping their kids don’t accidentally overhear the debate. That says a lot.

3. “It’s not usually like this, I promise.”

This might not be the best time to introduce your kids to our great democracy.

4.” This can’t be real.”

When SNL skits and the actual presidential debate are hard to differentiate, there just might be a problem.

5. “What’s going on?”

We’re actually all confused and disheartened, to be honest.

6. “Why is this happening?”

But really, how did we get here?

7.”Yeah, I’m not doing this right now.”

Some of us would rather suffer alone.

8. ” Wait, why am I watching this?”

When you’re trying to be an informed, responsible adult, but then you realize there are hundreds of other channels…

9. “Maybe there’s some laughs to be had.”

Sometimes you have to laugh so you don’t cry.

10. “So, this is how it ends.”

It’s been real folks.

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