8 reasons you are going to love potty training

Oct 10, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Image: Saklakova/Getty Images

What's all this fuss I hear about potty training? Parents talk about it like it's tough or something. Personally, after having three kids close together and successfully potty training them all, I found it to be life-enriching. I totally believe that if you can't see the beauty in the experience, you are not trying hard enough.

Just look at all the positives...

1. You now have new things to talk about with your partner

You have no idea how much you are going to talk about bowel movements, urine and dirty underwear until your children start potty training. Happily for you, that means no more staring at each other across the table in silence during dinner. Instead, you’ll regale each other with all the tales of triumph and despair. You will celebrate your kid’s first successful poop in a potty that's not at your house with the same enthusiasm that you once reserved for promotions and holidays.

2. You get to see new and amazing things

You thought you had seen it all, but after seeing your kid wipe for the first time, you realize the world truly is a place full of wonder and terror. Seriously, she could be the next Picasso.

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3. It teaches your kids, um, flexibility

Isn’t it better that your child finds out about hypocrisy at home instead of at some stranger’s house? We all reach our breaking point, when we can’t deal with potty training on a hectic day or we can no longer be a prisoner in our own homes. Your child will only be a little confused when you strap that diaper back on his bum after telling him 548 times he is a big boy now and he doesn’t need diapers anymore.

4. You get something new to complain about with your friends

The next time your friends ask you how you’re doing, you can add some fresh anecdotes to your roster of topics. Wiping butts and changing the sheets every morning? Congratulations — you have just unlocked a new level on the list of topics all moms can complain about together on play dates.

5. You now have a new accessory

The potty seat must travel with you wherever you go. Just to keep things exciting, you get to add one more thing to keep track of as you are trying to make it out the door on time. You are now sporting this year's latest model in potty-training gear along with your designer purse and diaper bag. Congratulations!

6. You get to try all the latest underwear styles

Having a hard time deciding between Captain America or dinosaur undies for your kid? Good news! This is your time to indulge your shopaholic side. Go ahead. Buy them both. You are going to need them. You will go through 2,000 pairs of undies in an afternoon, so stock up. Don't even try to fight it.

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7. Reuse and recycle

You can now show your children that everything does, in fact, have more than one use. Like those empty bottles in the recycling bin that can now be thrown into the car during long road trips just in case your son really has to go, but cannot wait until the next pit stop. Bonus: This also improves your child’s aim.

8. Deep-cleaning becomes your cardio

Chances are, you will need to deep-clean the prized oriental rug, the curtains and the grout in the bathroom. You are sure to work up a good sweat in the process. Everyone will be jealous of your girlish figure.