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In honor of National Taco Day, a chat with the author of Dragons Love Tacos

Today is National Taco Day! As a mom, the first thing this news made me think of was Adam Rubin’s hilarious kids’ book Dragons Love Tacos, which is about how to host the perfect taco party for spice-sensitive dragons.

In addition to writing Dragons Love Tacos, Rubin is the author of another awesome food-themed children’s book, Robo-Sauce
. When he’s not writing books, he teaches improv to children and works for the designer game and puzzle company Art of Play.

SheKnows: How did you decide that dragons love tacos, and not hot dogs or hamburgers or princesses?

Adam Rubin: Dragons Love Tacos was inspired by a little statue that my dad kept on his desk while I was growing up. It always looked like a dragon eating a taco to me. I was kind of a weird little kid.

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SK: Do you share dragons’ feelings regarding spicy salsa? What are your ideal taco toppings?

AR: Unlike dragons, I love spicy salsa. In fact, the spicier the better. For me, the ideal taco toppings are chopped onion, some cilantro and a bit of lime juice. I like the classic Mexican style. I like crunchy, Tex-Mex, cheese-slathered too, but I prefer to keep it simple.

SK: What ingredients from tacos and Robo-Sauce overlap?

AR: I don’t think there are any taco-specific ingredients in Robo-Sauce, but there is a dragon on the box of plaxico powder, so you could try sprinkling some of that on your tortilla. Be careful, though — you may snort sparks.

SK: What are kids inherently better at (if anything) at improv than adults?

AR: Kids play make-believe all the time, so they tend to be better at using their imaginations than adults. Like anything, practice helps a lot. I think it would be great if more adults were able to maintain that joyful creativity that we all experience as children. Maybe more businesses should allow time for recess.

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SK: You work for a puzzle and game company — what is your favorite game to play these days, with grownups or anyone in particular?

AR: My favorite games to play are Shoot the Moon and Shut the Box. Shoot the Moon is a skill game that requires a lot of patience and skill. It’s pretty satisfying once you master it, though, because you feel like you’re defying gravity. Very neat. Shut the Box is a dice game that’s really fun for groups. You can make wagers or just compete for high score. It’s very high-energy. It’s fun for kids too, because it’s good practice with arithmetic, the play is super-tactile and the board makes great clacking sounds. It was a big hit when I brought it to Thanksgiving last year.

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