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12 moments when we’re all Regina George’s mom

Oct. 3, aka Mean Girls Day, is upon us once again. But while it seems like it was just last period that Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what the date was in math class, Mean Girlsactually came out over a decade ago in 2004. We have more in common today with Regina George’s mom than we do with the Plastics. Don’t believe it? Let’s examine the evidence. Sure, you’re not offering the kids condoms while they make out on the bed or condoning underage drinking, but we’re all guilty of having moments when we try to be a cool mom, not a regular mom. If you recognize any of these scenarios, you may have been trying too hard.

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1. When you try to sing along with your kids to a new song, but get the lyrics horribly wrong

2. When you call your son your ‘bae’ in front of his friends because you think it actually means “my baby”

3. When you ask your kids to give you the 411 on what’s happening at school and they have no idea what you mean because they’ve never dialed information in their lives

4. When you try (and fail) to use Snapchat

5. When you borrow your daughter’s shirt, but it’s a shirt she borrowed from a friend, and you to pick them both up from the mall

6. When you try to use a hashtag in a sentence

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7. When you forget that just because you follow a celebrity doesn’t mean they follow you back (“why hasn’t Kristen Bell retweeted me yet?”) 

8. When you refer to pizza as “‘Za”

9. When your kids want to dye their hair rainbow colors and decide the family should match and do it too

10. When you show up to chaperone a dance and you’re so overdressed that someone mistakes you for a student

11. When you try to rock the stiletto nail trend, but end up accidentally scratching everyone you attempt to hug

12. When you tag your kids on your Facebook posts

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See? We might not have a pink velour tracksuit, but Regina’s mom is all of us. It’s OK, though. We’re still totally fetch.

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