Farrah Abraham actually has a genius idea to teach her daughter about sex

If we thought Farrah Abraham cared about what people think of her, we’d be warning her to brace herself for yet another backlash after she said she was going to use 16 and Pregnant episodes to teach her daughter, Sophia, about sex.

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But she doesn’t care, and let’s face it — she’d get a hard time over what toothpaste she gave her kid. The 25-year-old Teen Mom OG star has been blasted for everything from arranging modeling gigs for her daughter to letting her have an account on social media app Snapchat. Abraham haters are so into giving her a hard time, they jump on her back before they’ve even bothered to figure out whether she might actually be doing the right thing.

“I can always play those 16 and Pregnant episodes and all these things back. That’s just, like, the help and I wouldn’t take that for granted,” Abraham said. “I would use it as a big tool.”

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You know what? She may have a point. According to a 2014 study carried out by the National Bureau of Economic Research, watching the lives of teen moms on TV (such as in 16 and Pregnant and its spinoff, Teen Mom), could help stop teenagers from becoming pregnant. Apparently, the MTV shows reduced teen births by almost 6 percent in 2010.

So perhaps Abraham won’t quite land in hot water for her latest parenting admission. And in any case, who is better to teach their kids about the realities of teenage pregnancy than parents who’ve actually been there themselves? We can all use our own experiences to try to guide our children through adolescence and beyond, and — reality star or not — Abraham is no different.

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