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Should a kid be allowed to use their potty in a restaurant?

Potty training is a drag. When you’re in it, deep in it (in more ways than one, as the case may be), you’re pretty much confined to the house. Venturing outdoors before the transition to a nappy-free bottom has been completed is a big risk.

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After all, when you gotta go, you gotta go — whether that’s in the post office queue or in the middle of a shopping centre, which is the argument used by “professional toilet trainer” Amanda Jenner, who believes it should be perfectly acceptable for a child to use their potty in a restaurant.

Jenner charges parents up to £2,000 a week for potty training their kids, and part of her system is allowing children to use the potty whenever they need it during training, wherever that may be. She claims that by confining themselves and their child to the house during the toilet-training period, as soon as you do go outside with the child, they think it’s abnormal.

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Parents’ responses to Jenner’s view have been mixed. Some agree that taking a potty on the go is the perfect way to keep the toilet-training momentum going without having to become a prisoner in your own home. But others simply can’t get on board with the whole potty in public thing — particularly when it’s in a place that serves food.

So, we all have to figure out how to raise our kids — which includes getting through toilet training without going crazy — and none of us have the right to pass judgment on other parents’ choices. Plenty of people would have no qualms whatsoever about whipping a potty out for their tot when they need to answer the call of nature. Would those same people be happy to watch someone else’s kid squat at the next table while they’re tucking into their steak and chips?

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Presumably, parents would use their common sense and at the very least take the child and all necessary equipment to the restaurant toilet rather than subject fellow diners to the sight, sound and smell of their potty achievements. If not, surely it’s a small sacrifice to postpone your restaurant booking until the job is done.

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