Domestic adoption isn’t as scary or impossible as it may seem

You already know that when you have a child, your family’s love grows in large and beautiful ways. When you grow your family with adoption, there are new and unexpected kinds of love that you experience.

This may go against the myths you have heard, but domestic infant adoption can actually be pretty fast. This is especially true when you use experienced adoption professionals for your parenthood journey. Once your home study is completed, the average domestic infant adoption for our clients only takes six months. Prospective parents who try to do it themselves may often experience longer wait times and more disappointment than when using professional lawyers, agencies, or consultants. Likewise, adopting internationally can take much longer depending on the country from which you are adopting. There are many more unknowns when you choose international adoption or if you try to adopt on your own. To experience a safe and fast adoption, consider domestic with experienced professionals.

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Often when you choose international adoption, you get little to no information about your child or their family history. Sometimes it is not even known who his or her birth parents are by the time you are selected for placement. With domestic infant adoption, you get a lot more information.

Nowadays, almost every domestic adoption has some degree of openness. This means that you speak with the birth mother throughout the process and, at a minimum, keep her updated on the child’s development after placement. If everyone wants more of a relationship than that, then it can grow over time. There are numerous studies suggesting how great this is for the child’s emotional development and it also gives you a great deal of information about the child’s history. Open communication with the birth mother means you can receive a full medical history of her family and sometimes the birth father’s family as well. Plus if you have any questions regarding the child’s health history as they grow, you will be able to ask the birth parents directly.

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Not only do you get to love your child, but your child will also receive the extra love of their birth mother. If you have an open adoption, your child’s birth mother will still be involved in the child’s life to one extent or another, something that can be very beneficial for your child’s development. You also get to experience the beautiful bond that you will share with the birth mother and the love she will receive in return knowing she selected the right parents for the child.

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Nicole Witt is the owner of The Adoption Consultancy (, an unbiased resource serving pre-adoptive families by providing them with the education, information and guidance they need to safely adopt a newborn, usually within three to 12 months.