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This 6-year-old’s unicorn hair is stirring up the strangest reactions

When Florida mom Mary Thomaston gave her 6-year-old daughter unicorn-inspired hair, she got plenty of praise. But she also got a bashing from some people, who clearly don’t appreciate a freaking amazing hairstyle when they see it.

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One commenter called her a “terrible mother,” while another accused her of “doing unknown damage to the health and development of that very young child.”

Those naysayers should be feeling pretty stupid right now, after several people pointed out that Manic Panic, the dye used by Thomaston on her daughter’s hair, contains 100 percent natural ingredients. It’s vegetable-based, vegan-friendly and only stains the hair and doesn’t reach the follicles, so it causes no harm whatsoever — to innocent children or to anybody else who uses it. Basically there are way more chemicals in kids’ sunscreen than in this brand of hair dye.

Thomaston herself responded to the haters by pointing out that her daughter’s new hairdo was entirely her own choice and that she had been asking for it for a while before her mom finally gave in. She also revealed that the dye washes out so quickly that it had almost completely faded after two trips to the water park.

Despite this, the judgment kept coming. “Would never do that to my daughter’s hair,” was one comment, while someone else wrote, “She’s only 6 years old and her hair is already destroyed! What will happen when she’s a teenager then?”

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Why anyone is giving Thomaston a hard time for this is beyond us. Isn’t it amazing that she’s encouraging such creativity in her child? A child who is willing to be herself and stand out from the crowd should be celebrated, not squashed. People, hair grows back! It’s not as if she’s given her kid a tattoo or pierced her tongue.

It’s also plain weird that some people are bashing the mom for making her daughter sit still long enough to dye her hair. Don’t we get mad at our kids for not sitting still? Surely if a 6-year-old is willing to stay in the same place long enough to get something she wants, that’s nothing short of a miracle.

So let’s just check out this little girl’s awesome unicorn hair one more time.

In the words of Mrs. George from Mean Girls, why be a regular mom when you can be a cool mom?

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