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Megan Gale keeps it wonderfully real about newborn baby poo

She may be a glamorous model and a judge on the new season of Australia’s Next Top Model, but Megan Gale certainly isn’t above getting covered in baby poo.

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The proud mum revealed on the Nova 100 Melbourne breakfast show Chrissie, Sam & Browny that pretty much as soon as her newborn son River Alan Thomas Hampson (now 2) was placed in her arms, he pooed on her “within seconds.”

This won’t come as a surprise to any new mum, of course. Pretty much the entire first six months of a baby’s life revolve around poo. But how refreshing it is to hear a celebrity talk about some of the dirty, stinky, less-than-pleasant stuff that goes hand in hand with childbirth? We see so many pictures of celeb mums looking incredible only seconds after giving birth — and they’re lovely, of course — but we all know the reality is somewhat different.

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Gale’s revelation is exactly what we want from our celebrity mums. Sure, we’ll take the sweet, serene, snuggly newborn portraits. But we want them with a side helping of, well… poo. Or at least the truth. Which is that the aftermath of giving birth, as wonderful as it can be, is usually sore and smelly and definitely not bathed in an Instagram filter.

So keep sharing your frank parenting experiences, mums. Like Gale getting covered in newborn poo or Chrissy Teigen on the agonies of postpartum peeing. We can all relate, and we will never get bored of hearing those stories.

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Gale returns to Fox 8 for the 10th season of Australia’s Next Top Model alongside Jennifer Hawkins, Alex Perry and guest judges Cheyenne Tozzi and the Stenmark twins. The season premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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Image: Monet Nicole Births

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