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Maci Bookout launched one seriously intense debate with first photo of baby

For three long months, fans of Teen Mom 2 have been waiting for their first glimpse of Maci Bookout’s newest arrival. Yesterday, the reality star and mom of three finally delivered, sharing not one but two adorable snaps of her baby boy, Maverick, leaving fans to ponder which of his parents he most resembles.

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Bookout has been teasing her followers for weeks, first with a video that showed the top of Maverick’s head, and later with a selfie featuring Maverick hidden away in a baby carrier. But in a recent post on Instagram, Maci shared the first official photo of her son, which features him staring happily at the camera and wearing an adorable baseball onesie that says “Team Dad.” In the photo’s caption, she called him the “cutest little guy in the world,” and it’s kind of hard to argue with that.

Fans went crazy for the photo and liked it more than 300,000 times. Later in the day, Bookout shared another photo of Maverick. This time he was dressed in Tennessee Volunteers gear, and his siblings, Jayde and Bentley, also made it into the post.

Fans were surprised and delighted to see how much all of Bookout’s kids have grown, but their focus was mostly on Maverick and debating whether the little guy looks more like his mom or his dad, Taylor McKinney. The photo’s comments were full of people who either see a strong Maci resemblance or think the baby is basically his dad’s clone, and there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground between the two opposing parties.

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When you introduce a new baby to people, their first instinct is usually to point out which parent the baby looks like and which features he got from each side of the family. Sometimes kids are the spitting image of their mom or dad (see: Reese Witherspoon’s daughter), but other times it’s not so easy to tell.

Most kids have a wide range of features from each parent, and their resemblance to Mom or Dad changes as they age. In fact, one of the most fun parts of watching a baby grow is seeing how different they look from month to month and noticing new family resemblances with each passing year.

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In Maverick’s case, fans seem pretty evenly divided on whether he most resembles Maci or Taylor. The one thing they all can agree on is that little Maverick is a supercute baby. We can’t wait to see more pictures of him on Bookout’s social media accounts from now on.

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