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Behold the placenta ‘art’ that’s taking over Instagram

There was once a time when you really had just the two options for your placenta after you (and your baby) were done with it. You could ingest it in some form or another or you could slap it on a piece of cardstock and preserve a print of your baby’s “tree of life” — right alongside your oil change receipts and the credit card statements you can’t seem to throw away, nestled in a box or file cabinet somewhere.

Well, no more. Sort of.

You can still totally finger paint or dehydrate your placenta in pill-poppable form. But you can also do so much more. Thanks, internet! To be totally fair, some of the things on this list are totally “placenta prints.” But they’ve come a long way, baby. Take a look.

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1. Get extra-artsy with it…

2. …by inundating it with tons of color

3. You can still cube it and freeze it for a later smoothie date with a loved one

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4. But you can always go the teddy bear route

5. If you’re looking for something a little less creepy but still appropriative, you can always make a “dream catcher” out of the umbilical cord.

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