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Jill Duggar’s having cravings, but that doesn’t mean she’s pregnant

The Duggars don’t get away with much, especially on social media. Eagle-eyed fans are quick to analyze their every move, and when it comes to the possibility of yet another Duggar baby, nothing gets past them.

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Some of Jill Dillard’s followers are convinced she’s pregnant, all because of a plate of green beans.

After the 25-year-old mom of one posted a picture of one of her “favorite #studysnacks” — green beans doused in salt and vinegar — some fans pointed out that this was also one of her top pregnancy snacks.

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Back in 2014, when she was pregnant with Israel, now 1, Dillard shared a similar picture, only this time she described it as one of her “favorite pregnancy finger foods.”

Digging into a portion of veggies is only the latest “proof” of Duggar’s pregnancy. When she and husband Derick Dillard first arrived back in the U.S., her pose in a picture she posted appeared to block a “baby bump” from view. Someone also pointed out that the top she was wearing was from a maternity line.

Why do we love speculating about pregnancy so much? It’s verging on the ridiculous. A woman only has to have a second helping of cake and all of a sudden she’s with child. She opts for orange juice instead of champagne and she’s aboard the Mommy Express. Can’t a woman make certain decisions — what she wears, what she does and doesn’t eat and drink — without having to be quizzed about her readiness to reproduce?

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Maybe Duggar is pregnant again. Or maybe she just really, really likes green beans doused in salt and vinegar. Either way, this is only the start of the baby hypotheses.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Image: duggarfam/instagram

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