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Janet Jackson’s on bed rest, but let’s not freak out just yet

There are plenty of things for expectant moms to worry about during pregnancy — which car seat to buy, what diapers to use, whether or not it’s worth it to drive the extra 20 minutes for the best pediatrician in town. But above everything else, moms have to look out for their own health and the health of their baby. That’s why soon-to-be-mom Janet Jackson is taking a break to abide by doctor’s orders that she remain on bed rest.

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Jackson and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, announced the singer’s pregnancy to fans in early April. Since then, the 50-year-old has been taking it easy. She even postponed her much-anticipated Unbreakable World Tour to focus on her growing family. Now, sources say Jackson is on bed rest and sticking close to her team of doctors. Her brother, Jermaine, says she’s in good health, but likely won’t make any public appearances until after the baby arrives.

Bed rest sounds kind of scary, but according to the American Pregnancy Association, it’s actually quite common. Doctors often prescribe it to treat or preemptively eliminate possible complications, like high blood pressure, vaginal bleeding, issues related to gestational diabetes and even to attempt to stave off premature labor. Jackson hasn’t elaborated on her condition, but it’s likely her orders to remain on bed rest are just a precaution.

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Either way, it’s encouraging to see Jackson making her health a priority. She’s a high-profile celebrity with a ton of obligations, and it can’t be easy for her to postpone tours and engagements. We’re so used to seeing celebrity moms act like pregnancy is no big deal. They still tackle new projects and make red carpet appearances in stilettos. And it’s great to see driven women carrying on with their successes even as they become moms, but it’s also nice to see a celebrity mom admit she’s having to take it easy.

Pregnancy goes a little differently for each woman. Some people are still running races into their last trimester. Others have unforeseen health issues, don’t feel quite as energetic, need to slow things down a little bit or even end up spending some time on bed rest like Jackson. It all falls within the range of “normal” pregnancy experiences, and it’s important for expectant moms to see that there are others out there going through the same things.

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As moms, we do whatever we have to do to try to create the best possible outcome for ourselves and our babies. Hopefully, bed rest will help Jackson stay healthy for the rest of her pregnancy and have a smooth delivery so she can move on to kicking ass at being a mom.

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