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Kim Kardashian lashes out at trolls messing with her kids

Kim Kardashian is probably used to trolls by now. The mom of two can’t seem to go anywhere or do anything without the cacophony of critical voices that weigh in on everything she does with either “concerned” input or outright nastiness. For the most part, she seems to let it just roll off her. Maybe she dabs her tears away with $100 notes. At least, we like to think she does.

But every once in a while, even she gets sick of hearing about how everything she does is wrong and bad, and when you throw her kids into the mix, it looks like that’s about the cap on the amount of flaming mouth-trash she’ll take from internet strangers.

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By now, it’s no secret that Kardashian’s daughter North has no interest in being relegated to the sidelines when it comes to fashion, and what started as an attempt by Kardashian to engage with a few fans…

…pretty quickly became a flaming shit show of hurled Twitter insults, including this one, which even if you aren’t Kardashian’s biggest fan has to have you scratching your head:

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And while Kardashian seemed perfectly happy to ignore the onslaught of trolls that veered way off topic to talk about sex tapes, and for some reason, leprosy, it looks like once you bring her kids into the mix the lid will come right off of the bin labeled “Troll Food.” Seriously, she’s got plenty to go around:

And good for her. The internet, even though it’s more of a utility these days than an exclusive clubhouse, long ago declared that nothing is off-limits. That goes double for women and triple for celebrities. Whether it’s about pictures they took that were meant to be private or just a little lighthearted mommy-bragging, you’ll find plenty of people willing to dredge up the worst possible thing they can say and vomit it all over Twitter. And OK, we’ve mostly all agreed that if you put it up, you’re welcoming judgment, and it isn’t always nice.

But there’s no rule that says you have to sit there and let the deluge of rancid troll breath wash over you. You can let them know that they’re being ignorant and that you have no intention of sitting around and just taking what they have to dish out. Hey, turnabout is fair play. Being right on the internet is a fairly subjective thing, but when it comes to using someone’s innocent kid as a club to beat them with, it’s hard to argue that you have the moral high ground.

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And hey, if you’re going to engage a few trolls, don’t forget to bring Chrissy Teigen, who is a master in the art of sick internet burns:

Well done, ladies. Remind us never to piss either of you off!

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