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Oops! Rob Kardashian made a big dad-to-be mistake

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby, who’s due in early November. But while the couple has happily shared the news of the pregnancy with the public, they had different ideas about how to announce the gender of their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.

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On last night’s premiere of Rob & Chyna, the couple went to the all-important midpregnancy anatomy scan to determine the gender of their baby. While Kardashian really wanted a boy, Chyna’s dream of having a daughter won out — the couple learned they are expecting a girl.

Chyna wanted to keep the gender of the baby a secret and plan a gender reveal surprise party to announce the news to friends and family. Meanwhile Kardashian quickly grew excited over the idea of having a special daddy-daughter bond and spilled the secret to his mother, which upset Chyna.

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With their spotless households, sky-high heels and sleek blowouts, as a parent it can be hard to relate to the Kardashian crew. But the battle of the gender reveal is one that any mom can relate to. While it’s supersweet that a father-to-be would be so excited about the idea of having a daughter that he just can’t wait to share the news, it’s not just his news to share alone. When you’re pregnant, you already give up control over so much of your body; the last thing you need is to feel like you’re losing even more ownership over decisions concerning what’s going on inside of it.

And while it’s great that a dad would have such a close relationship with his mother that he would want to share such important news with her, what about his pregnant fiancée? When you’re expecting, you’re already wondering how a new baby is going to change the dynamic of your relationship with your partner, and pregnancy hormones don’t help any insecurities you might feel in that department. Standing by your pregnant lady and the plans you made together to announce your baby’s gender is the best way to let her know you’re committed to her and your relationship.

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Since the Kardashian clan never misses a chance to throw a good party, and while she may not get the gender reveal she hoped for, we’re sure they will do right by Blac Chyna and throw her a pink-themed baby shower that’s out of this world to welcome their forthcoming baby girl in style. And hopefully this will be a lesson in advance: No one gets to announce the baby’s arrival except for Mom and Dad themselves!

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