Lacey Chabert breaks with tradition for her unique baby name

Sep 9, 2016 at 11:35 a.m. ET

Lacey Chabert may have played one of Regina George's devoted followers in Mean Girls, but in real life, it seems she's the one who's setting all the trends. Chabert just gave birth to her first child with husband Dave Nehdar, and she gave the little girl a stunning name that's unlike anything we've seen before.

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In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Chabert announced her latest arrival and shared her unique name, writing, "#TBT to the best day of my life. One week ago I became a mom to this precious angel. Julia Mimi Bella." The mom also called her daughter her "heart's deepest dream come true," and shared the very first photo of the adorable newborn.


Julia is one of those classic and easily recognizable girl's names that we simply don't hear that often. It has roots in French and means "youthful." Last year, it was No. 89 on the U.S. baby girl name chart, after falling from No. 86 the previous year. It's gradually losing popularity, but Chabert's gorgeous name pick may turn that trend around.

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Chabert's baby name is particularly special because her daughter has two middle names. Mimi is a less popular Teutonic name that means "resolute." It's often used as a nickname for Margaret, which is probably why it hasn't appeared in the top 1000 baby names for girls in the U.S. since before the year 2000. The baby's third name, Bella, is the exact opposite of that. Bella is a Hungarian name that means "intelligent," and it's held a steady spot at the top of the name charts since 2009, thanks in part to the popularity of the Twilight series.

Chabert's name choice is classic and beautiful, especially in comparison to some of the more unique names we're used to seeing from celebrities. But what really stands out is her to choice to go with three names rather than two. It could represent a new naming trend for all those expectant moms and dads out there who can't seem to narrow down their naming lists. Just use them all! Chabert did, and she ended up with something absolutely gorgeous.

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When we think of unique names, we usually think of things that are difficult to spell or impossible to pronounce, but as Chabert's name choice shows, sometimes being one of a kind is less complicated than that. Little Julia's name is classic and beautiful, but still offers something totally new. Something tells us lots of other parents are going to think Chabert's triple baby name idea is totally fetch.