Natalie Portman’s pregnancy couldn’t have come at a better time

It’s a modern-day miracle. Eagle-eyed tabloid types spotted Natalie Portman rubbing her belly on the red carpet recently and made assumptions (as one does) that the Jackie star was pregnant with baby No. 2.

And it looks like they were right! Hey, even a stopped clock gets it right twice a day.

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Portman and choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied have a little boy named Aleph, who was born in 2011. The 5-year-old is apparently expecting a little brother or sister. Although there’s no word on the due date, the pregnancy is well-timed… at least according to science.

Five years means starting all over again for the couple who is probably done with diapers and baby bottles, but spacing kids at least four years apart is widely considered a good thing for older kids, who get the chance to bond with Mom and Dad one to one before starting school, and for younger kids, who get to enjoy the same benefit because their older sibling is out of the house for much of the day. There’s even science that indicates boys in particular benefit from larger age gaps, especially if they’re the eldest child. So this is all good for little Aleph.

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Oh, and it’s good news for his mom too. Studies show that moms who space kids by at least four years take less of a career hit than do moms who have kids closer together.

With Portman already getting kudos for nailing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in her upcoming biopic, it doesn’t look like she has much to worry about in terms of career anyway. But it never hurts, right?

Congrats to the family!


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