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Jessa Duggar hints at twin pregnancy and sends fans into a frenzy

When a woman gets pregnant, people waste no time speculating on the size, gender and number of babies contained in her uterus. If you’re carrying high, it must be a girl. If your bump looks too big, it must be multiples. Jessa Duggar is the latest pregnant celebrity to be hit with speculation about twins, but fans aren’t making guesses based solely on the size or shape of her bump. Rather, it’s Duggar and her coy comments that have gotten the rumor mill churning.

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Duggar announced her second pregnancy with husband Ben Seewald late last month. In the announcement, the pair held a sign that read, “Doubling the love.” Some took it to mean they’re expanding their family to include two kids — their son, Spurgeon, and his soon-to-arrive sibling. But others have guessed from the beginning that the sign might carry a double meaning, and Duggar all but played into those rumors with her most recent comments.

On Tuesday night’s Counting On, Duggar spoke candidly about her excitement over her new little bundle (or bundles?) of joy. She teased fans by saying the new arrival will bring “double the work” and “double the diapers,” leaving many to wonder if she just confirmed a twin pregnancy. If the 23-year-old mom isn’t really expecting a set of twins, she’s certainly having a little fun playing along with her fans’ wild theories.

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For most pregnant women, it’s annoying to be told over and over that you’re expecting twins when you know you’re only having one baby. But fans aren’t making these guesses based on Duggar’s size or shape or trying to shame her in any way. Instead, they’re basing their conclusions on what she’s been saying, and the fact that her mom, Michelle Duggar, has welcomed two sets of fraternal twins in the past.

Having identical twins isn’t genetic, but fraternal twins can run in families. According to Stanford University’s Tech Museum of Innovation, a woman is actually 2.5 times more likely to give birth to twins if she has siblings who are fraternal twins. That means the odds of Duggar actually being pregnant with two babies are pretty good, and it’s possible that’s why she hasn’t seemed interested in putting any of the rumors to rest.

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Whether or not Duggar is pregnant with twins, fans should definitely make an effort to respect her privacy. Preparing for twin babies is no easy task, and most moms need plenty of time to wrap their head around the idea of welcoming two babies at once. They need twice as many supplies, twice as much clothing and they have to prepare for an entirely new and different labor experience.

That said, welcoming twins is also an exciting and unique experience that has the potential to bring double the joy. If Duggar is expecting fraternal twins, she’ll no doubt have plenty of support from her huge family and their devoted fans. Hopefully, they’ll also be able to help the busy mom come up with two perfectly paired baby names that are just as unique as Spurgeon.

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