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Teen Mom star Katie Yeager’s daughter just shared some big baby news

It’s been three long years since Teen Mom 3 aired for a season and was canceled, and in that time, we’ve seen all kinds of developments from the girls on the show. Now here’s one more: Katie Yeager and her daughter, Molli, 5, teamed up to announce that their family unit is growing again.

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In an Instagram post that manages to be squee-worthy without overdoing it, brand-new kindergartner Molli holds a copy of Little Miss, Big Sis, a popular tome for firstborns who are about to become older sibs, with a look of barely contained excitement on her face.

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As for those frills in the background, those could just be the hopeful imaginings of the soon-to-be big sister, since Yeager said in an interview with Starcasm that she won’t know the gender for a few more weeks. No matter! A little girl can dream about a Mini-Me, can’t she? And ever since Yeager’s younger sister welcomed a child of her own last year, it looks like Molli has had lots of time to practice big sisterhood.

Every kid is different when it comes time to welcome a new baby into the mix. Some are apprehensive about sharing the spotlight, while others are beyond excited to have a new, squishy baby to be the boss of. Some are an on-and-off mix of both, and even that can vary daily. Right now, it looks like certified Big Kid Molli is squarely on Team Siblings, which can be a really great place to start when you’re navigating growing your family. Seriously, is there a shot where she doesn’t look completely over the moon?

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Yeager also said that this time around, her pregnancy was planned with her partner, who prefers to keep himself out of the public eye. That didn’t keep Yeager from “teasing” his identity on Twitter, though:

We love that Katie Yeager has stuck to all of her ambitions and managed to keep a sense of humor about herself as she navigates young motherhood. She’ll definitely need that clear head and willingness to have a good laugh as her family grows.

Congratulations to this adorable family on becoming a slightly bigger adorable family.

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