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School gives out pervert test, can’t figure out why parents are mad

If someone asked you to fill in the blanks to make words out of some incomplete phonemes strung together like P_N_S or PU_S_ _, where would you immediately go with that in your mind? If you turned up with something a little raunchy, you’re not alone. But according to Covington Christian Academy in Covington, Georgia, you might be a bit of a pervert.

That’s the response the school had when a joke fill-in-the-blank “test” that included the two examples above was given to a group of special-needs teenagers in the classroom, and a parent had the nerve to be pissed about it.

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According to a local news outlet in Covington, Amber Maghon’s 13-year-old daughter snapped a picture of the test, which she and her classmates were given, and sent it to her mother. Her mother’s reaction, surprisingly, was a mix of shock and anger.

But when she went to the school with her concerns, they dismissed her out of hand, saying that there was nothing wrong with it, and if Maghon found it distasteful, that was her problem, saying that it was “obvious” the test was not meant to be sexually suggestive.

And for the record, none of the answers to the “test,” which you’ve probably already seen, are in fact sexual in nature. But that’s kind of the point. You’re not supposed to know that at a glance, and then you’re supposed to feel like you have a dirty mind when the true answers are revealed. Lately, it’s been passed around as an “Alzheimer’s test” like this one:

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Maghon wasn’t fooled by the school’s whole “What’s the problem? We’re not perverts, you’re the dirty-minded one,” routine, because she’s not a child. But the school continued to double down in an almost impressive way when they told her that “…there is no way that these particular students would have even considered anything about this assignment as sexually suggestive.”

To which we say nothing because we’re too busy laughing until we cry. That’s so willfully obtuse it’s startling. So a bunch of teenagers aren’t going to consider that the answer to BOO_S could be “boobs?” OK. You slay us, Covington Christian Academy. Have teens become suddenly less riddled by hormones and consumed by sexual thoughts than we remember? Good job, teens!

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No, the truth is that the test was inappropriate, and the school almost assuredly knows that. But instead of saying, “Whoops, we’ll look into it,” and then holding a faculty meeting where they remind their teachers not to pull dorky memes off of the internet and inject them into the classroom, they decided to throw up their hands and play dumb.

Is the “naughty test” the worst thing to happen in a classroom ever? Nope. But this mom definitely had a legitimate concern, and she should have had it addressed, even if later everyone shared a can-you-believe-this-lady eyeroll in the break room. By pretending she was nuts for seeing sexual words where there were none, they definitely proved who was less mature.

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