Sneaky dad steals his wife's pee to find out if she's pregnant

Aug 31, 2016 at 11:46 a.m. ET

There are entire websites and millions of Pinterest boards dedicated to announcing a pregnancy on every type of scale. There are ideas for revelatory photography and recipes for special fortune cookies. And there's lots and lots (and lots) of internet ink dedicated to moms breaking the big news to the father of one's future child.

Unsurprisingly, there hasn't been a whole lot of time spent helping dads do it the other way around. Dropping the baby bomb on their partners isn't typically an issue or really a possibility, for obvious reasons. Well, one dad was in the unique and unlikely position to find a way to do exactly that, and he filmed the whole thing.

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Atlanta couple Tim and Rachel Brummel planned on a family of five. Their plan was to have three biological children and add to their family through adoption afterward, they said in an interview with Inside Edition. To keep things on track, the couple decided that Tim would get a vasectomy.

About six months after the big snip, though, Rachel apparently started to feel pretty pregnant, with all the usual, wonderful symptoms of nausea and fatigue. They even joked about it. But when Tim realized that he'd never heard back from the procedure facility about his five-month test results, he called them, and they broke the news: His vasectomy might not have been as effective as they'd thought. So he broke the toilet, collected a "sample" from his wife and tested it. Can you guess how this turns out?


Video: Tim Brummel/YouTube

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Fortunately the Brummels weren't relying on the vasectomy to take for serious financial or health reasons, so this kind of surprise was far from unpleasant, and the surprise announcement Tim dreamed up for Rachel ended up being pretty sweet, bogarted pee notwithstanding (hey, we all know what it's like to be married!).

For some couples, though, a vasectomy is a solution to a more pressing issue, and the thought of it failing will reduce plenty of women and their partners to panic and tears for good reason. Making the decision to not have any more children can be just as tough and just as monumental as deciding to grow your family, so to have that careful planning fall apart can be devastating. Usually that's not an issue: Vasectomies remain one of the most effective and safe sterilization methods, with a failure rate of only 0.15 percent.

There's a catch, though, and the Brummels learned what it is.

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That effectiveness doesn't happen right away. The majority of vasectomy failures occur during those first few months after a procedure. It's absolutely vital to make sure that, in follow-up testing, sperm is completely cleared from the semen, and that can take up to — drumroll please — six months. In this case, Tim was heading to those appointments, but the clinic supposedly dropped the ball with his test results. Those follow-up visits are important, but more than that, those follow-up phone calls to the follow-up visits are doubly important.

So if you're not looking to surprise your wife with the news of her not-supposed-to-have-happened pregnancy, you'll want to nurture a little healthy paranoia and drop the phrase "no news is good news" from your lexicon.

That is, unless, of course, you're as willing to roll with the punches as the lovely Brummels are. We wish them all the best as they anticipate the birth of their fourth son!