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12 kids whose lies were so good their parents couldn’t keep a straight face

Lying is wrong, and something we should teach our children not to do. Of course, sometimes it’s a lesson hard learned, and they tell some of best whoppers along the way. While we know they’re wrong, we can’t help but laugh at some of these that users shared on Reddit about their lying little ones. To these kids, we say, “Nice try!”

Just a wee one

“3 year old was sat on front of the tv watching cartoons. I went up to put some laundry away and when I came back down he had no pants or trousers on. There was a little puddle of urine on the floor behind him and his underwear and trousers were on the floor on front of the washing machine.

“I asked him who had urinated on the floor. He replied ‘it was daddy’.

“When I said that daddy was at work, he told me that daddy had ‘came home, wee’d on the floor and then left again’.

“‘In the few minutes that I’ve been upstairs?’

“*shaking his head and rolling his eyes in disapproval.


Stranger danger

“Me: your room is a mess! You are gonna have to clean it tomorrow.

“4yrold: yeah, I don’t know what happened.

“Me: I know what happened, you didn’t put your toys back and messed up your room.

“4yrold (completely deadpan): there was a stranger in your house”

The devil did it

“My daughter cut her hair, insisted the devil did it not her, insisted for days it was the devil. She still won’t confess six years later.”

Reality bites

“Picked my son up from school one day, and he had a red slip with him. At the time he was about 5. Went in to talk to the admins and was privately informed he had bitten another student. On the drive home I asked some probing questions, ‘How was your day?’, ‘Did anything interesting happen?’ That was going nowhere. So I moved on to ‘Did something happen to your friend Magnus?’ To which my son replied ‘Oh yeah, he got bit, it was bad and bleedy.’

“The blood was an embellishment. I asked with a measure of concern ‘Where was Magnus bitten?’ My son replied ‘On his cheek’ I asked ‘Do you know who bit him?’ To which my son flatly replied. ‘Oh yeah, he just bit himself.’ Had to pull over laughing to [sic] hard to drive safely.”

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