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This might be the weirdest Duggar parenting ‘controversy’ yet

It’s no secret the Duggars are a family prone to controversy, first as a gigantic clan of long-haired ladies and neatly combed, be-khaki’d boys, and now that scrutiny extends to Jill and Jessa, the remaining marketable Duggars, in practically everything they do. We’ve had Duggar uproar over forehead bruises and car seat pictures. The latest in “controversies”? Their choice in toddler pajamas for Jill and Derick Dillard’s toddler son, Israel.

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The pajamas in question became the unlikely focus of an Instagram post shared by Jill Duggar, snapped at just the right “sleepy toddler” moment for maximum cuteness. And while you would probably imagine that the very first thing out of the keyboards of the panel of parenting “experts” who constantly monitor the Duggars’ Instagram accounts for Very Bad Parenting would be the unsliced state of that banana, you’d be wrong. It’s actually those very dapper Paw Patrol pajamas, featuring Marshall, the fire-pup.


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Apparently, people took umbrage with the pajamas because the Duggars once said they don’t let their kids watch any television because that’s where Satan lives or something. So the gist of the gripe is, “don’t you know it’s illegal to buy your children merchandise from irritating toddler shows if your parents didn’t let you watch TV?” We think. It’s kind of hard to tell because we’re not sure if the Dillards, who are in fact a separate family unit from the Duggars proper, have come out one way or the other on the old Satan Box. To our recollection they have not.

Nevertheless, people want to know, “Why is he wearing paw patrol pjs? I thought they couldn’t watch tv!” And “Why let him wear a paw patrol sleeper if you aren’t gonna let the little guy watch it!?” To which we guess the answer there would be, um, because?

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Even if your kid is too old to watch Paw Patrol or you don’t even have kids, you’re probably familiar with it since you can’t walk into a Target without being crushed by a wave of animatronic rescue dogs who’s likenesses are plastered on everything from books to beach balls to pajamas.

It is in fact possible for a child to like a thing they’re not familiar with because context matters not one whit to toddlers, a group of tiny humans who can largely put aside the politics of screen time in favor of shouting about how badly they want the shirt with the “Puppy! Puppppyyy! PUPPPPYYY!” on it. They don’t have to actually watch TV to want the brightly colored cute thing that is specifically marketed to pump dopamine right into their brain’s tiny pleasure center.

One does not preclude the other.

But even if it did, so what? Are people really going to grumble that the next generation of Duggars might be a tad less Draconian than the first? Wait. Don’t answer that. We already know: They’ll complain regardless.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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