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Anna Chlumsky’s given her baby not one but two perfect names

It’s another girl for actress Anna Chlumsky! The Emmy-nominated Veep star (who we’ll forever remember for her role in My Girl) welcomed daughter No. 2 with husband Shaun So last month.

Clara Elizabeth So was born on July 28 and is little sister to Penelope Joan, 3. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous name? Clara is a Latin baby girl name meaning “bright, clear” and was a top 10 name back in the 1880s.

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After taking a dip after the 1940s, it’s now enjoying a revival as one of the super-on-trend “vintage” baby names and reached No. 98 in the baby name chart in 2015. Famous Claras include silent screen actress and “It Girl” Clara Bow, American civil rights leader Clara Mae Shepard Luper and philanthropist Clara Driscoll. Another celebrity parent to choose Clara for his daughter is Scottish actor Ewan McGregor.

We need to talk about the middle name too. Elizabeth is one of those names that is a perfect companion for a shorter first name. Like Clara, it’s a classic name with a European flavor. A Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God,” Elizabeth has everything going for it. It’s rich in history yet still manages to be one of those rare, timeless baby girl names.

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So popular is the name, it’s fallen out of the top 25 only once since 1880; in 2015, it ranked No. 13 in the U.S. baby girl name chart.

Elizabeth is, of course, the name of several queens and queen consorts throughout history and across the world. Other well-known bearers of the name include English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning; the first female physician in the U.S., Elizabeth Blackwell; and British actress Elizabeth Taylor.

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Decision made: This is our favorite baby girl name combination right now. Congratulations, guys, on your new arrival and her adorable name!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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